Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine is a reference to the working principle of crusher, which is widely used in sand, cement, refractory, metallurgy and other industries. According to the specific use of user information feedback, combined with the design of new high-performance sand blasting equipment advantages. Its typical use is to adapt to the present artificial mechanism sand industry, is a rod mill machine-type sand machine, impact-type sand-making machine, straight-through-type sand-making machine alternative products. This product has: small size, homogeneous particle, large capacity, long life of Hammerhead, supporting power small, three broken into two times crushing, process simplification, simple structure, easy maintenance, stable operation and so on.

Application of sand making machine in construction industry

Sand making machine is used for the production of mechanism sand equipment. It is widely used in the production of sand. The general mechanism of sand making equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, crusher, belt conveyor, vibrating sieve and electric motor, which can form a complete sanding line system according to assembly principle, and produce sand mechanism on this line.

In the building, through the mechanism of sand gravel after the screening will have different fineness, but of sand blasting equipment has a characteristic, which can get the gradation is suitable material, that is, after the machine broken gravel material gradation mostly accord with building with sand. Thus directly for the construction industry. In building construction, through the main use of sand production mechanism and the sand is used in the production of concrete aggregate, and the aggregate concrete and reinforced cast together, can build a building, this is sand and gravel in the construction industry mainly uses.

Maintenance of sand making machine

The maintenance and maintenance of the sand making machine can not be carried out casually, and according to the actual use of it, it can be agreed. Because in the crushing it, its wear is very serious, the crushing effect caused great influence, especially when large abrasion, seriously affecting the finished material the grain size of the discharging port device of it, affecting the quality of the finished product, for the user's sales have the influence. Therefore, as a user, in order to ensure production, it is to carry out a reasonable maintenance.

  1. First, the user should regularly shutdown of the open door, to observe, to see inside the sand making machine wear, center into feed tube, conical cap, impeller, flow channel lining board, circular guard board, wear-resisting block wear. In internal wear is not easy to be found, it is easy to overlook, but the internal wear and tear is very important. So, after examination, found that wear, should be replaced or repaired, the replacement of wear block to ensure that the same weight of the same block.
  2. Secondly, sand making machine by Mobil car grease super or 3# lithium grease, so, in its every 4 hours later, to join the right amount of grease; after 2000 hours of work, is to turn on the spindle assembly, cleaning of bearings; after 72 hours of work, to replace new bearing, so as to avoid the occurrence of bearing damage, the impact of the work. Because the device belongs to the high-speed production equipment, special attention should be paid to the safety production in operation. The personnel should be far from the equipment, if need to be on the machine repair should be carried out after the shutdown.
  3. In the end, the tension force of the belt should be adjusted to ensure the uniform of the triangle tape. Also adjust to make the difference between two motor current does not exceed 15A. Adjustment work on the sand making machine is also essential, the work of the state will have an impact, so, it is necessary to seriously implement.

How to prolong the service life of the sand making machine

Sand making machine using German advanced technology, and get a number of independent intellectual property rights and patent technology as well as the integration of three types of broken who has been in the sand industry's core equipment. On how to reduce the wear and tear of the VSI system to extend the service life of the parts, we have won the trust of customers from the following three aspects:

  1. Improve the wear resistance of the material of the board hammer. In crushing medium hard materials, the material of the plate hammer can use high manganese steel; in crushing high hardness materials, using chromium molybdenum alloy steel, high chromium white cast iron and other materials. These materials with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  2. Reasonable choice of the structural parameters and working parameters of the crusher. The unit of the hammer is proportional to the speed of the rotor of the rotor, and the speed of the rotor is proportional to the speed of the rotor. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate line speed. Effective method is to ensure the product size, the premise, as far as possible to reduce the rotational speed of the rotor, the lower line speed to reduce the wear of the hammer, to ensure product size. Note that the line speed and the number of hammer to each other, to ensure that the crushing efficiency;
  3. Improve the utilization rate of the hammer, reduce the replacement time of the hammer. Plate hammer utilization rate, replacement of time and its structure and fastening methods has very close relationship, the effective way is the symmetric structure, simple solid tight, or the use of large clamshell, large access door casing. Not only can improve the utilization rate of the hammer, prolong the service life, but also realize the quick and easy to change the hammer.

Features of sand making machine

  1. Processing capacity, high output, compared with the same power under the traditional equipment, production increased by 30% and stable;
  2. Wear low - the best of the impact angle of the broken cavity material design, with less wear and less friction than the traditional equipment operating costs 30%, directly reduce the cost of the use of equipment;
  3. Excellent product grain shape - the product of a cube, grain shape, reasonable distribution, adjustable fineness modulus; particularly suitable for artificial sand and stone shaping. Practice has proved that is 30% higher than that of the other traditional equipment of sand, shaping effect;
  4. Hydraulic device, easy to maintain - open cover device, so that the broken chamber parts overhaul and easy to change, shorten the downtime, save time and effort;
  5. Automatic detection, safe and reliable, and set up the vibration display and alarm device, if the device has a bad run, can be issued a warning, so that the device stops working, to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine;
  6. Thin oil lubrication, automatic maintenance - German original thin oil lubricating station and double pump complementary guaranteed oil supplies, the free flow of oil, hydraulic automatic stop; oil liquid cooling and heating device to ensure bearing lubrication is always in the best state. So as to solve the problem of bearing heating, so that the main shaft bearing to maintain constant temperature, prolong maintenance cycle and service life;
  7. Easy installation, easy operation, light equipment weight, installation is diversiform, mobile installation, installation, repair and maintenance simple, convenient operation and use; once the use of clear and specific, VSI vertical shaft impact breaking only minor adjustments, to maximize play its superior performance.
  8. One machine with multifunction, flexible application - unique feed crushing structure, with various type of crushing chamber, can be very convenient to achieve "stone dozen stone" and "stone timbewolves" conversion, so as to solve the problem of one machine with multiple. If to change the VSI vertical shaft impact crusher application, there is no need to make a big adjustment, can adapt to the user's different needs: artificial system sand and gravel shaping and abrasive materials.

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