Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a new type of Counterattack crusher which is developed on the basis of advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with the specific conditions of industry and mine. It uses the latest manufacturing technology, unique structural design, finished processing a cube, no tension and cracks, granular shape is quite good, can be decomposed into no more than 500mm of material granularity, no more departments of coarse compressive strength, medium and fine materials (limestone, feldspar, calcite, barite, fluorite, Rare earth, kaolin, Coke, Gangue, gypsum), widely used in a variety of ore crushing, railways, highways, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries. The size of the discharge granularity can be adjusted, broken specifications vary in size

How to run the impact crushery

Impact crusher is a kind of fine processing equipment that is generally after crusher and cone crusher processed materials are broken again. Impact crusher is a new type of high efficient crushing equipment, in accordance with scientific and reasonable mode of operation, not only can reduce the frequency of accidents, but also can improve the back breaking work efficiency, the following counter broken in operation process should pay attention to the problem:

  1. In the normal condition, the temperature rise of the main bearing of the rotor is about 75, and the maximum of 60 is not more than. If the temperature rise exceeds the maximum specified, parking should be stopped immediately, and the effective measures shall be taken;
  2. Impact crusher operation, the production of dust is relatively large, in addition to the crusher parts are very good sealing, the workshop should also set up ventilation and dust collection equipment;
  3. Forbidden to open the door to check the machine, it is forbidden to make any adjustment, cleaning and maintenance work, so as to avoid dangerous;
  4. At run time should be in accordance with the inspection requirements of the impact of the breaking of the vibration, temperature and sound, and so on a routine inspection;
  5. Impactk plate and plate hammer clearance should be made according to the work need to gradually adjust to the small, adjust sebang proposed machine application manual rotation of the rotor, check whether the impact, after adjusting the lock sleeve nut.

working principle of impact crusher

When the material enters the plate hammer function zone and by the hammer board high speed impact and broken and thrown to the installation on the upper rotor impact device broken again, and then from the back lining board to board hammer area to break. This process is repeated until the material is crushed to the required size, and is discharged from the lower part of the machine. Adjust the clearance between the counter frame and the rotor frame to achieve the purpose of changing the material size and the shape of the material. The machine adopts the spring insurance device after the counter plate, and when the non broken material enters the crushing chamber, the back frame is back, and the non - breaking material is discharged from the machine.

Features of impact crusher

  1. Optimizing the cavity, big crushing ratio: the machine adopts world-class manufacturing process, selection of the materials of the most high-end; heavy rotor design and strict detection means, to ensure high quality rotor; at the same time, unique plate hammer fixing device, making the reliability of the plate hammer more high. The European version of PFW series crusher in crushing chamber three, fine, super fine crushing extraordinary performance.
  2. Unique design, application scope: increase the feeding mouth design, can be broken more material, crushing limestone and other hard materials, replace jaw crusher; Liaodu large reinforced concrete and other construction waste, more advantages. Heavy duty rotor design, not only increases the reliability of also increased the moment of inertia of the rotor, can improve the crushing machine processing capacity; fix with a hammer plate, the plate hammer replacement more convenient, fixation is more reliable.
  3. Semi-automatic operation, maintenance simple and quick: matching hydraulic control system, through the hydraulic device to quickly adjust the size of the discharge opening and the discharge granularity; automatic hydraulic truncated device can be quickly completed plate hammer, wearing parts replacement, reduce downtime and maintenance time.
  4. Iron excess protection device bearing force: this series of impact type crushing machine bearing seat with integral cast steel structure, to ensure that the machine running stability; selection of more large specification bearing the has higher bearing capacity. Optimized the overload and the protection device, the counter plate can be retracted in the overload situation, once the load value is returned to normal, the counter plate will return to the preset position and work properly.
  5. Simplify the process, the finished product has good: PFW series counterattack type crusher of crushing chamber, in the coarse crushing, can simplify the process; three cavity broken, in fine, super fine crushing extraordinary performance. Two kinds of cavity to meet the requirements of the vast majority of rough, crushing, fine crushing.

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