Construction Waste Crusher

Construction Waste Crusher

Construction Waste crusher is our company in absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology on the basis of combined with the specific mining conditions of domestic mud and gravel industry, a generation of construction waste treatment equipment, the equipment has a large crushing ratio, after crushing the material is cubic particles, wear-resistant parts long service life, strong operation stability, reliable work, strong bearing capacity, Large amount of processing and other advantages, the promotion of the use of the user has achieved obvious economic benefits.

How does the construction waste crusher solve the construction rubbish siege?

Construction waste crusher is often used for the treatment and application of construction waste, the same as the construction of waste disposal equipment need to install a magnet to work, also known as the Iron Remover, construction waste treatment equipment can be used as material two times equipment, here need to adapt to local conditions. The gravity separation or magnetic separation of the stone bricks and other rare metal ores in the construction waste is often used for removing and removing iron materials, this can prevent the damage caused by the crushing, construction waste treatment equipment by the motor through the reducer and the surrounding large gear reducer or from the Low-speed synchronous motor directly through the surrounding large gear reducer, driving cylinder rotation, In order to achieve a broken operation.

As a new generation of sand machine equipment, construction waste crusher productivity and efficiency are very high, in some cases can replace the short head cone crushing machine for fine crushing. When dealing with soft or less hard ore, use of construction waste treatment equipment, compared with short head construction waste treatment equipment and sieve paired closed-circuit configuration simple, low cost, dust reduction.

The hot selling of the construction waste crusher is an irresistible fact

The construction waste crusher's hot selling is the fact that cannot fight, at present, the construction garbage disposal equipment has been widely used in many areas of Tibet construction waste disposal projects, for the Tibet infrastructure to provide a variety of recyclable construction materials, in the protection of the environment, but also to avoid waste of resources. Compared with the conventional fixed-type construction waste treatment equipment, construction waste crusher can move, flexible and convenient, strong mobility, it broke through the work site restrictions, can be treated in situ construction waste, greatly reduced the burden and cost of Sinotrans, and it is the material, crushing, screening, transmission and other process equipment as a whole, crushing ability is stronger, After crushing, it can sieve out a variety of useful construction materials, so that the construction waste is most effective treatment and maximize the recovery and utilization.

How to choose high quality construction waste crusher

  1. See the construction of waste treatment equipment lining plate. The quality of the liner is close to the service life of the construction waste treatment equipment, liner in the friction with the material loss is relatively large, if the quality of the jaw board, it needs to be replaced frequently, acts to increase the user's production costs, so users buy construction waste treatment equipment when choosing the high wear resistance, material quality of construction waste treatment equipment.
  2. Look at the design structure of construction waste treatment equipment. Construction waste treatment equipment design structure should be reasonable, the crushing cavity adopts symmetrical "V"-shaped structure, which makes the width of the actual feeding mouth and the adjustment of the discharging port more convenient and quicker, the selection of the bearing specification is bigger, the bearing capacity is stronger, and the new type of toothed guard plate is used, which increases the effective length of the liner and makes the yield higher

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