Faults Of Feeder In Production Of Ultrafine Mill

The role of the feeder is feeding. Generally, in the mine production line, the amount of feeding determines the efficiency of production and the probability of failure. For example, if the feeding is small, the efficiency will decrease, and the feeding will be easy to block, so the feeding is The quantity needs strict control, and in the working process of the ultra-fine grinding machine, the failure of the feeding equipment is also easy to cause the change of the feeding condition, so we need to find the types of the faults and the causes, and carry out the good. The solution is to ensure the smooth operation of the ultra-fine grinding equipment.

Generally speaking, in the production line, the problems of the feeding opportunity mainly include intermittent work, large noise and vibration weak vibration reflecting several phenomena. The causes, solutions and solutions are as follows:

1. The Intermittent Operation Of The Feeder Or The Phenomenon Of Fluctuations Up And Down

The cause of this phenomenon is mainly caused by the disconnection of the fuse, short circuit of the coil wire or several phenomena of the lead wire breaking. The solution is to check whether the wire end is connected virtually and repair or replace it. This phenomenon is solved in time. It is one of the effective ways to restore the working conditions of the ultra-fine grinding machine. In addition, we should check it regularly during the actual working process. If it is found that there is a possibility of failure, it should be repaired in time to prevent the failure. appear;

2. The Phenomenon Of Loud Noise

There are three main reasons for this phenomenon: the fracture of the silicon steel sheet, the looseness of the connection between the vibrator and the tank body, and the impact of the core and the joint. For these three phenomena, the solutions are as follows: Replace the new silicon steel sheet (plate spring) ), replace or tighten the bolts, adjust the gap between the core and the joint. Generally speaking, during the installation process, the gap between the parts inside all the equipment is adjusted according to the manufacturer's instructions. However, some phenomena in production will cause it to change, so it needs to be adjusted in time;

3. The Vibration Weak Vibration Reflects Small

The main causes of this phenomenon are the following phenomena: the bolts that fasten the spring plates are not loosened, the thyristor breakdown and the air gap blockage or the gap between the spring plates are blocked. The solution to these phenomena is loose. Open the bolts, replace the thyristors, and adjust the air gap or clean the dust. When the ultra-fine grinder is working, although the dust will not overflow, in many cases, the external dust or the dust inside the equipment will cause some parts. The impact, such as the impact of lubrication, etc., will cause adverse factors in the operation of the equipment;

The article mainly introduces the problems of the failure of the feeder in the production of ultra-fine grinding machine. The above mainly introduces the situation of three aspects, and then analyzes the causes and solutions of these phenomena in detail. In the actual work process, we need to operate the equipment in a standardized manner, and regular maintenance and overhaul can ensure the smooth progress of production.

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