Comparison Of Workflow Between Sand Maker And Crusher

The position of sand machine in the market can be said to be quite stable. The rapid development of mining industry in recent years has greatly promoted the rapid development of sand machine.

There are many kinds of sand machine, but the working flow of sand machine is basically the same, that is, material enters the crusher from the feeding hopper, and material is divided into two parts by the distributor. One part enters the high-speed rotating impeller from the middle of the distributor, which is accelerated rapidly in the impeller. Its acceleration can reach hundreds of times of gravity acceleration, and then 60-70 m/s. It is projected from the three uniformly distributed runners of the impeller. First, it is impacted and broken with a part of the material which falls from the distributor. Then it is impacted on the material lining of the vortex chamber together. The material lining rebounds and obliquely impacts on the top of the vortex chamber. Then it changes its movement direction and moves downward. The material emitted from the impeller runner forms a continuous material curtain. Such a material is subjected to two or more probabilistic impacts, friction and abrasion in the whirling crushing chamber. The broken material is discharged from the lower discharge port.

Crusher and sand machine are very different, crusher is generally used in complex, large-scale crushing work. When crusher works, the massive ore falls into the upper crushing chamber from the feeding hopper and the upper disc. With the help of centrifugal force of the disc, the material is thrown into the inner wall of the cylinder and collides violently with the counterattack plate installed on the inner wall. At the same time, the material collides with each other to crush or produce. After a large number of hairline cracks, the material enters the conical rotor chamber and spirally falls in the conical space. After stamping and extrusion, the ore with existing cracks is further broken. Material is attacked in the chamber, high-speed running block material collides with counterattack plate again, and material flow collides with each other, which makes material crush through impact, impact, shearing and extrusion, so as to improve the crushing efficiency.

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